AVS3P Automatic Voltage Switcher 3P DSP Distribution Surge Protector

The AVS30-0 is an Automatic Voltage Switcher designed to protect three phase loads from voltage fluctuations, over voltage, under voltage, surges, dips and frequent start/stops.
The output is a single volt-free changeover contact, rated at 16A. This is intended to control an external contactor, control circuit, start/stop system or alarm. If the voltage on any one phase goes above or below the pre-set limits(the window), then the AVS will switch off. Once the voltage returns within the window limits, the AVS will wait for a pre-set time, continuing to check the voltages, before automatically turning the load back on. The over voltage, under voltage and delay settings are all adjustable using controls in the terminal compartment of the AVS3P. The standard window that is considered acceptable is 185V-260V(320V-450V three phase). Outside these limits electronic and electrical equipment are likely to be damaged.
The electrical and electronic equipment in your buiding is more threatened than ever by increasing power problems.
The most damaging of these problems are spikes, surges and sage(which includes lightning).
Connected at the point of entry distributionpanel, the sollatek DSP provides a barrier at the entry level into the house, office or factory, protecting all electrical and electronic equipment against surges, spikes and transients conducted through the power distribution boards.
Maximum let through voltage (8/20 ms) 750V
Response time 10 ns
Peak discharge current 20kA
Nominal voltage (DSP1P-0) 220/240V
Nominal voltage (DSP3P-0) 380/415V
Total energy (DSP1) 1280J
Total energy (DSP3) 2560J
Weight 150g
Measurement 4736.540