Nominal Voltage 230V
Current Rating 1620or 25Amps
Frequency 50/60Hz
Under/over-Voltage Disconnect 185V/260V
Under/over-Voltage Reconnect 190V/258V
Spike Protection 160J
Wait Time 4 minutes
Weight 150g
Measurement 4736.540
The A/C Guard protects against low voltage, high voltage and power-back surges by disconnecting the power to the equipment. It features a start up delay of about 4 minutes to prevent frequent switching on and off during fluctuations.
The A/C Guard has a built-in micropro cessor which adds the advanced feature TimeSave. When the mains returns to normal, the A/C Guard checks the duration of the OFF time. If the unit has been off for more than 4 minutes then it will reconnect the mains within 10 seconds, rather than the standard 4 minutes.

Circuit breaker function
An integral circuit breaker enhances the protection offered by the A/C Guard. If a short circuit or overload occurs, the circuit breaker detects the fault and the air conditioner is safely disconnected.
To resume operation, simply switch the power on again manually after removing the fault.