AVS13 micro APPLIANCE GUARD Automatic Voltage Switcher

Nominal Voltage 230V
Current Rating 13Amps
Frequency 50/60Hz
Under/over-Voltage Disconnect 185/260V
Under/over-Voltage Reconnect 190/258V
Spike Protection 160J
Wait Time(User adjustable) 1.5 mins to 3 mins
Weight 150g
Measurement 4736.540
Protects against high and low voltage, brown-outs, power back surges and voltage dips. These conditions are extremely harmful and damaging to electrical and electronic equipment. By disconnecting the power when its bad and reconnecting automatically on return of normal power, the AVS13 Appliance Guard safeguards and protects against short term and long term damage to ensure longevity of your appliances, especially air conditioners and refrigeration equipment.

Reconnection takes place after a start-up delay to protect against frequent fluctuations.
Protection for all electrical and electronic appliances